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6:45 pm
December 1, 2011


Avatar of VickiY

posts 623

One of the things that bothers me most is that most doctors have no experience with diet to know how to suggest eliminating certain foods to avoid such surgery, Ramona. I have heard far too many stories like yours. Once there is nothing left, how would a person digest anything, derive the nutrients they need, etc.? If there is a blockage in the intestine, I understand that they remove part of it, but why remove more than is absolutely necessary? Once that is done, why not suggest probiotics, which even the FDA acknowledges the benefit, rather than prescribe drugs that can make the situation worse? It also becomes quite necessary to use a high-potency product like IntestiNEW by RenewLife; I prefer the powder, in this case. As a precaution; however, we need to know what medications she is taking. Probably antibiotics, so probiotics become essential…I believe this type of situation can be prevented but prevention is not what modern medicine focuses on these days. Surgeries and drugs seem to be the normal way…that is NOT health!

5:18 pm
December 1, 2011


Avatar of Ramona49

posts 259

My poor husband had to have a colostomy and never was able to get rid of the bag but he had cancer after they cut up all of his colon after a colonoscopy. He was constipated for as long as I knew him and he loved his brandy at night and starches so I am not saying he wasn't at fault for a lot of what happened but now that I know how much diet has to do with cancer and most other diseases, I think we could have saved my poor Punky. I sure wouldn't have kids living with and off me. He would never have allowed it. Lord how I miss him!

4:41 pm
November 29, 2011


Avatar of VickiY.

posts 1520

Post edited 4:48 pm – November 29, 2011 by VickiY.

What medications, if any, is she taking now, Ann?

Does she have a colostomy bag? If so, is this temporary or permanent?

How much of her colon has been removed?

Will there be surgery in her immediate future?

4:27 pm
November 29, 2011


Avatar of achrissley

posts 18

My sister-in-law had a colostomy yesterday.  I will be one of her main caretakers for a while.  What supplement and dietary suggestions would you have for us.  She suffered from ulcerative colitis for many years and had a particularly bad bout this fall.  She is a person who has thus far been pretty devoted to Western medicine.  However the immune suppressants that she was given by her Dr came very close to killing her.  She seems to be interested in alternatives now. 

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