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ALTERNATIVE TO LOSARTAN/HCTZ for high blood pressure


5:23 pm
August 8, 2011


Avatar of larry

posts 25

Did the Bio K plus , still taking olive leaf extract. I only take 1/2 of my metoprolol a day, I'm completely off the losartan. Fell in the floor of the hotel getting up one morning, very light headed and lethargic. I ate breakfast with 2 cups coffee, carried bags to truck, 2 trips, checked my bp. I was 112 over 62 after all this. This is very low for me. Stopped the losartan and still had trouble in the morning. Started breaking the meotprolol in half and I have been doing this for three weeks now and my bp is very good. Thanks VickiY

12:37 pm
August 5, 2011


Avatar of VickiY

posts 623

Yes, hawthorn is an excellent alternative to certain blood pressure medications; HOWEVER, you cannot take those certain blood pressure medication WITH hawthorn! Truly, the combination could cause a heart attack or stroke.

7:05 pm
August 4, 2011


Avatar of Ramona49

posts 259

Everything with diuretic drugs in it is dangerous and will cause diabetes! The diuretic is to offset the swelling in your ankles from the blood pressure drug! Just discontinue it and use the NSC Circulatory and Immzymes and Dr Devet's Circulatory Formula (it has the hawthorn and other hebs in it that are used instead of the drugs!) because it is a great combination. I forgot I also take that on another post!

7:22 pm
August 2, 2011


Avatar of VickiY

posts 623

Molly, you are very lucky you had no harmful side-effects from discontinuing all of your medications all at once! I hope you are taking 200-400mg of Co10. How many NSC Immzymes are you taking each day? BioK Plus comes in 15 packs too and most retailers who carry it will be willing to special order for you; although, in this economy, who knows? We have seen so many Mom and Pop natural health retailers shutdown and it is so very sad.

6:40 pm
August 2, 2011


Avatar of Molly-H

posts 83

I decided to stop using all of those drugs all at once one day about a month ago, despite Vickiy's warning) and immediately switched to what Vickiy said are alternatives. It is Kroeger Herb Circuflow, NSC Circulatory, Coq10, the Frankimmzymes and NSC probiotics (I tried that biok but it is too expensive to buy as many 6 packs as you all say to take and I don't really like the taste). I havn't felt this great in decades! Thanks John and Vickiy

6:48 pm
August 1, 2011


Avatar of VickiY

posts 623

Post edited 11:42 am – January 6, 2012 by VickiY

If Losartan w/HCTZ is the only prescription you are using, please note that this combination can increase blood sugar and weight gain. Are you using any other medications? If so, we need a list. Also, what do you eat? If you eat out, where and what do you eat? Do you consume soy? How many bowel movements per day do you have?

In general, natural food-grade products that contain hawthorn, such as DeWet Wellness Center's Circulatory Formula or Hanna Kroeger's CircuFlow should not be used when taking Losartan, because they contain hawthorne, which also relaxes vessels, so would enhance Losartan. We suggest using NSC Circulatory Formula (which may also be taken with the medications you are taking), CoQ10 (100-400mg per day, depending upon what else you are taking) and small amounts of PSOEs (however, may or may not be taken if you are using other medications), which you may read about here in the Live Chat Forum, under the topic Health Chat.

You must not use DeWet's Circulatory Formula, Hanna Kroeger's CircuFlow or other hawthorne containing supplements at all, or large amounts of CoQ10 or PSOEs while taking Losartan w/HCTZ and you may not be able to take any of these supplements, depending upon what else you are taking. If you wish to share more information about all medications you are using, when/how your doctor will wean you off (if you stop suddenly, you may have a heart attack or stroke), we will be happy to share more information about alternatives and even share ideas for a regimen you might be able to follow.

Meanwhile, if you follow the Anti-fungal Diet you should lose weight and stabilize your blood pressure and blood sugar. If you are not using any other prescription medications, you may also follow the Anti-fungal Rotation Regimen even if you are still taking Losartan w/HCTZ.

6:13 pm
August 1, 2011


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Post edited 7:45 pm – August 1, 2011 by Admin


The WebAmin has moved this email to the Live Chat Forum because it is a common issue that may help many other members, their friends and/or family members and because there may be more questions asked between the parties; our staff should post an answer shortly.

Hi,  I'm taking Losartan/-HCTZ 50/12 5mg for HB. What is alternative supplements can I take for HB? I am 70 yrs young, weight 168 and 5ft 4ins–blood pressure is 159/95.

 thanks – ANE

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